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What is a Home Theater

A home theatre, just as its name implies, is a theater that is build within your own home. Everybody loves watching movies at the theater or cinema, but sometimes it can be a little hassle going there to watch a movie. The goal of having a home theater is to allow the users to experience the feeling of being in a cinema without having to leave the comforts of their home which makes it really convenient. The overall home theater installation which includes the TV or the projector, along with the home audio system is called a home theater system. Now there are many terms used when talking about what a home theater is, let’s take a look at these different terms.

Home Theater Systems
theater at home

First is the home cinema. Now a home cinema is basically just another name for a home theater. As mentioned, the entire set up of a home cinema or home theater is aimed to mimic the entire feeling of watching a movie inside a real cinema. A good home theatre should have a large display and of course great audio in this case, would preferably be surround sound.

Now let’s go to a backyard theater. A backyard theater is just like your own home theater only that, just as its name implies, it is built in your backyard. The display of a backyard theater would only be limited to a projector, because there are times when the weather turns bad and the stuff has to be kept. But despite, that a backyard theater can provide a different and maybe even different environment than a home theater in a room.

A backyard theatre can provide for a more romantic setting and can be great for dates or even just bonding with the family outdoors. You can even bring out an inflatable pool and watch a movie in your backyard, now wouldn’t that be great? A backyard theatre can also be great for barbeques and family gatherings just make sure that it wouldn’t be disturbing the neighbors at night.

Now there is also this term home theater in a box. Think of it like a starter kit or a starter package for building your own home theater. Inside this package, you will find a disc player which is capable of playing both Blu-Ray and DVD Video. A multi-channel amplifier also comes with it which includes the tuner for a radio, decoder for surround sound, and a number of other features. Other stuff that you can find in the Home theater in a box are some wires for your speaker, a remote control, some cables to lay out the connections, a number of surround sound speakers which usually come in four or five, and finally a subwoofer that has a low frequency.

So that is what a home theater is, kind of nice to have your own theater at home right? Maybe you can do a marathon of a certain show or a movie franchise. Just don’t overdo it; you may forget what the light of day looks like.